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Being in Berlin you may expect me to be partying it up, but I've been relis...

Being in Berlin you may expect me to be partying it up, but I've been relishing it as a time to reset. To take a hot minute to consider where I'm going and reflect on the progress I've made. To take the time to nurture my body, my digestive tract, and my
mind with good fuel, and to wallow in the luxury of solitude while I claw back some sort of schedule and work ethic.
I'm getting into a bit of a routine and exercising frequently, so I've been feeling strong and have been able to work consistently which I'm feeling really proud about. I started to re-frame my view of procrastination; re-frame it with courage. I repeat to myself that I have the courage to focus on my tasks even when it feels like climbing a mountain with no trail to follow.
In terms of work, I find it conducive to have session first thing in the morning and another session at night. In the middle I cook, run or do yoga, read and tidy; or just bum around. I'm becoming more accepting of my limitations and understand that I may never complete things as quickly as I'd like.
My room is my happy place. It's the place I spend the vast majority of my time. I'm lucky enough to be in the same apartment I was in last year with some truly lovely housemates.
I went to Hamburg with them and saw this painting and it's the best thing I've seen in so long. I have my first Berlin set on Sunday morning and I'm preparing by looking at art haha..
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